1 year

Today, it has been exactly 1 year since we moved to Colorado. And whoa, it has flown by!

I remember it like yesterday, flying with Annie, and my 18 week old baby bump. We stepped off the plane, Jordan’s aunt & uncle picked us up from the airport, and I thought, “what on earth are we doing here?”

Blame it on the pregnancy hormones if you want, but for the next few weeks, I would cry at the most random times. Change is hard, especially when it means you move somewhere you don’t really know anyone. I read the book, “After the boxes are unpacked,” which helped a little, but probably just allowed me to release the tears and not feel guilty about it.

Don’t get me wrong, moving here was the RIGHT choice for our family. When we moved to Virginia from Texas, we had brought a lot of emotional baggage with us, and so moving to Colorado was completely a fresh start for us. And we needed it!

There were many days that were so hard for me without having friends here, but it also gave me a lot of time to reflect. And it also gave me a lot of time with just Annie. I thank God that he allowed us to move here, where Annie and I had a lot of “us” time, especially before welcoming another little one into the world.

And, I didn’t remain friendless. 🙂 I actually feel like Colorado has let me gain some of the best friends that I’ve had in a very long time! You know those friendships where it just “clicks”? I know they  come so few and far between, but I’ve been fortunate to be blessed by a few of them here.

Some of my favorite things about living here include (but are not limited to) :

-Hiking. There’s a few great places that we love to hike, that are less than 5 minutes from our place. Love that we can hike, spur of the moment.

-Dining out: The options are limitless!!

-Cheap flights home: We have found so many flights that are cheap from Denver to Dallas, including the ones we bought today, where on the trip back, the one-way is only $49!

-My fraanns… (“friends” in case you didn’t catch that…)

-Cool summer nights. (Not to mention, the high is only in the 70s today…)

-Landscape: I LOVE the mountains, and every night we drive back to our place, the beauty of the sun setting behind the mountains is breathtaking.

a picture taken on my run last night...

a picture taken on my run last night…

Who knows how long God will keep us here, but for now, I’m making the most out of our Colorado adventure!


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